19 April 2010

Cover Win / Fail #3: PREP

It's time for another Cover Win/Fail feature! If you're not familiar with this feature, it's basically where I spotlight two covers - one that I love and one that I don't love all that much. As always, I mean no offence, I'm just expressing my humble personal opinion and you're more than welcome to disagree. :)

This week I've decided to compare the two Prep covers. Sadly I haven't read the book yet, but I've heard great things about it and I've made it my personal resolution to read Prep in 2010, ha! The book has just received a makeover so what better time to compare the covers, especially since I feel quite strongly about them.

I much, much prefer the new cover on the left. As far as covers go, it's no masterpiece, but (in my opinion) it's miles better than the old cover on the right.

The old cover is incredibly plain and booooring, plus it tells me absolutely nothing about the story at first glance. Is that a belt on the cover? Does it play a super important part in the story or what? Even if it does, this is still a very boring cover - although I have to admit that at least the colours are pretty. I've seen the book around in bookshops, but never bothered to pick it up and see what it's about until someone recommended it to me.

The new cover will be available in July and not only is it far prettier, but it also tells me something about the story and the main character. It's far more eye-catching, even though I somehow have this feeling that the new cover doesn't really represent the main character all that well, but I could be wrong as I haven't read the book yet.

I have a copy of the book with the old cover, but I like the new one so much more that I think I'll just pre-order the re-issued version and then give the old one away once I review the book.

So what do you think of these two covers - which one would you buy if you saw both in a bookshop? And if you've read the book, what did you think of it?

ps: I loooove the taglines on both covers, they really make me want to read the book, heh!
"The OC meets Donna Tartt's The Secret History with flashes of Clueless." & "Sweet Valley High as written by George Elliot."


Leanna (Daisy Chain Books) said...

I much prefer the new cover. I've also been meaning to read this for ages and ages. I always hated the old cover. Maybe that's why I haven't read it yet. haha!

Love the taglines too. must get to this one soon!

blueicegal said...

agreed! totally prefer the new cover, you dont really get any clues as to what the story represent based on the cover, at least you have a visual picture of the main girl in the new one even if she doesn't look like how you imagined her :P

prophecygirl said...

I love the one of the left too, and I can't wait to get a copy! :)

Emidy said...

I agree with you, the one on the left is way better. It's not fantasic, but a big improvement over that boring one. Great post - I love this feauture!

Yesenia said...

i don't even know why anyone would approve the first cover.

Nina said...

The new cover is better! I would buy that one if I saw it at the bookstore. I dont know what the book is about but the girl looks preppy ( is that a word?) I dont like the old one with the belt..I mean what does it mean a belt on a cover? No idea!

ally said...

The new cover IS better! Sadly, i have the old cover =P!

You SHOULD read it! Prep is a masterpiece! =)

Rogrady - Book Lover! said...

I don't think the 'fail' cover is that bad!
Okay- so it doesn't jump out at me, and the new one is better, but I woudn't say its a 'fail' as such.

But thats just silly old me :) xx

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