10 June 2009

Alexandra Potter

I knew that one of old Alexandra Potter books will be reprinted in November and I've come across the cover of Do You Come Here Often? on the Hodder website. Isn't it goooorgeous? I love it! Here's the summary:

What becomes of the broken-hearted?
She was only a teenager when she first had her heart broken. But since then Grace Fairley has moved on. In fact, she`s moved in too – with Spencer, who is handsome, reliable and wants to marry her. Or does he? It`s been a while since she`s even heard mention of their wedding day...

You give love a bad name
Jimi Malik has moved on too. Unlike Grace though, his wedding day to Kylie is just around the corner. They`ve only just met, but he knows he`s found the one for him. Or has he? Because when he skips out of his own stag do and bumps into his ex, Grace, something suddenly doesn`t feel right.

More than a feeling?
It looks like there might be something wonderful between them. But is it worth risking their new-found friendship for? One thing is for sure - as the radio plays its late-night love songs, one girl is about to find out that the best lines can actually be the ones you write yourself...

A romantic comedy that looks at being single again, finding true love and how it can all get very, very complicated...

I'll definitely read this one as soon as it's available - I've read two other novels by Alexandra Potter (Be Careful What You Wish For and Who's That Girl?) and I personally thought they were fantastic. I also bought Me & Mr Darcy, but haven't read it yet; I expect it'll be great though. Oh yeah, another book by her that I also have (still unread) is Calling Romeo - must read that one asap.

So yeah, another lovely book to look forward to in 2009, yay!
(OK, enough slacking, back to work now, blah.)


Anonymous said...

I love the new cover. I'd also love a brand new Alexandra Potter novel!

By the way it's so great someone else seems to buy as many books as me! Your to-be-read pile might well be bigger than mine!


Suzana said...

Oh yeah, a brand new novel by her would be great. I know Calling Romeo will be reprinted in the UK in 2010, but I've no idea if Ms Potter is working on anything new ...

Yay for book buyers!! :) My to-be-read pile is maaaassive, I've no idea how I'll ever manage to read it all - so many books, so little times etc. ;) I'll post my to-be-read list soon!

Amy said...

I love Potter's new rebranded covers, and this one is a particularly lovely one. I actually own a copy of Do you come here often? already, though I haven't read it. But I'll probably buy the 'new' one when it comes out, because it's so lovely and also because my old copy is up in the loft somewhere! My dad made me put piles of my books in boxes and took them up to the loft! No room in my room!

My favourite book by hers so far is her last one Who's that girl. But I adore them all.

Out of interest, do you ever read any Mills and Boon or straight romance? Or do you stick with chick lit? I know you reviewed the boy in the striped pyjamas which isn't chick lit, I tend to find it hard to find people my own age who read category romance as it often feels like its just grannies!

Suzana said...

Lol, it appears that many of us not only have the "so many books, so little time" problem but also the "so many books, so little space". :D

I can't really choose a favourite as I've only read two of her novels, but I think I liked BCWYWF more than WTG, even though the latter was rather enjoyable too!

I don't think I've read anything by M&B and yes, I guess I do mostly stick to chick lit when it comes to romance (or historical), but I read all sorts of stuff. I'd definitely prefer straight romance over crime & thrillers any day! Care to recommend any titles? :)

Amy said...

Anything by Elizabeth Rolls or Mary Balogh!

Suzana said...

Ooh, I've looked them up and they seem interesting - I'm especially loving the covers with those lovely dresses, ahh ... ;)

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