31 July 2009

Cover: THE BOOK OF TOMORROW by Cecelia Ahern

I have six more reviews lined up to write and I was planning to write one of them tonight, but it's been a looong day so I just decided to post some news instead. I've come across the UK cover for Ceclia Ahern's next novel The Book of Tomorrow, which will be published in October and is described as "a mesmerising and magical tale of seeing your future laid out before you" (click to enlarge).The above mentioned UK cover is on the left and the supposedly US cover is one the right. The UK packing will apparently be "stunning and original" - I suppose it'll be double layered or something?
Which one do you prefer? Personally, I really couldn't decide, I think they're both lovely.

This piece of info should be especially useful to Rebekka who runs a brilliant Cecelia fansite - click here to visit it! :)


chicklitreviews said...

UK cover, hands down! Love the purple and gold!

Rebekka said...

Oh yes, you're right, this is absolutely useful to me. Have to add the UK cover to my site immediately - will of course give you credit for the information.

I think I prefer the UK one and will definitely get myself this one. The other one is cute but reminds me too much of the 1st edition cover of "Where rainbows end" because of all the red and white spelling... It's nice though too. But the UK one just looks so.... old. So cute :)

Thanks a lot, girl!

bookalicious said...

My pleasure! ;) I thought of you immediately when I saw the new cover, you must be Ms Ahern's number one fan here! Glad you like it! The UK is supposed to be something special ('original') so I'm thinking it'll be double-layered or something - guess we'll just have to wait and see, but yeah, I'm getting the UK cover too.

Rebekka said...

This could be that I'm her no. 1 fan. It was actually really funny how I became a fan. I've always been a book worm and when I heard that my favourite singer's sister-in-law (I'm speaking of Nicky from Westlife ^^) was about to publish a book which sounded exactly like the books I love to read I started counting the days. 4 months of waiting and then I got P.S. and read it and since the very first day I'm proud to consider myself a fan. And I think Cecelia appreciates this because she once gave me a phone call, gave me an exclusive interview for my site (she's known it since like the day it was born hehe), she once let my friends film a message from her for me and I've also met her 3 times by now and she's always been the most lovable person ever :) She changed a lot though. When I first met her she was a shy as me, so cute. And now she's so funny and sweet and I just adore her :)

By the way, I think it's really cute that you had to think of me immediately :) Thanks for that!

bookalicious said...

Oh, wow, that sounds very impressive!!! I saw her message on your site, but I didn't think you've actually spoken to her etc., congrats! And it's lovely that she appreciates your effort! :)
Which of her books was your favourite?
Sadly I haven't read any of them *yet*, but I got WRE recently so I might read that. Or Thanks for the Memories? I also have PS I Love You a nd The Gift that I haven't read yet. But I'll definitely read The Book of Tomorrow as soon as it comes out, it sounds very exciting! :D

Rebekka said...

Yeah, that written message... forgot about that one. She gave that one to my co-webby when Franzi met her. She's such a darling.
Oh, Cecelia asked me that question last year too and honestly, I really can't decide. They are all so different but absolutely gorgeous in their own way. P.S. was the first one and the idea is so great. Don't like the writing that much anymore (but I've read it about 5 times by now so...), though. Where rainbows end is just so original with all the letters and mails and I just adored Rosie and Alex. Then If you could see me now... I think that one is special to me because I also had an imaginary friend when I was a kid. And Ivan is absolutely gorgeous and the Jinny Joes scene ♥. Then A Place Called Here... I always wondered where missing things go and her idea is just so well thought-through and everything. Thanks for the memories... Joyce's father kept me laughing so much and the whole idea once more is absolutely amazing. (Back then I told her that this is my favourite book but I looooove all of them).
Then she had The Gift and while I found the first half of the book really hard to get into the last couple of chapters totally made it up. Cried my eyes out in fact and the very last sentences are so true. I love those little pieces of wisdom she puts into her books and The Gift was definitely no expection. The gift of time that is ♥. Amazing.
And of course her writing style became SO much better with the years. She honestly is a writer now, not just a story teller.
Woops, almost wrote a book myself here. Sorry, but I just can't seem to stop when it comes to Cecelia :) You really really really should read her books!

bookalicious said...

Wow, Cecelia is really lucky to have such wonderful and dedicated fans! :) I'll definitely read TBoT and if I love it, then I'll read her other books too so TBoT better be fantastic - I'm sure it will be! :)

Anonymous said...

i have just finished reading the book of tomorrow ... it is amazing! i reckon one of the best books i have read, it was amazing! fastest i have read a book! i love all you books and cant wait for the next one! from helena x

Anonymous said...

the book of tomorrow rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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