16 August 2009

In My Mailbox #4

It's been two weeks since my last IMM (created by The Story Siren) and I've acquired several new books since then (click the photo to enlarge):

Divas by Rebecca Chance
Into Temptation (Spoils of Time 3) by Penny Vincenzi
Star Struck by Anne-Marie O'Connor
How Not to Shop by Carmen Reid
Adored by Tilly Bagshawe
Little White Lies by Gemma Townley

So what did everyone else get? :)


Rebecca said...

Interesting books you got. I haven't read any of those. Hope you enjoy reading them all.

Park Avenue Princess said...

I haven't had a chance to read any of those books yet, but I do have two. The others look great as well! I look forward to hearing about your other reviews! I'm sorry "How Not To Shop" didn't live up to your expectations...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE yours!

xoxo Park-Avenue Princess

Book Chick City said...

I have Star Struck to read and as you know I have already read and reviewed How Not To Shop. The others I haven't got. Looking forward to your reviews. Hope you enjoy reading them :)

The Story Siren said...

great titles this week! most i hadn't heard of! hope you enjoy! happy reading!

Rebekka said...

Oooh Little White Lies <3 I bought that one too. I've read it a year or so ago when my friend gave it to me but it was so cheap so I had to buy it now :)
I also got myself "Me and Mr. Darcy" - Alexandra Potter and I bought "The Nanny" - Melissa Nathan, even though I've already read that one too. Aaaaand I got "Bridesmaids" - Jane Costello which was so cute. I really enjoyed it!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've heard of any of these books, but they look great! I got HP 7, Eyes Like Stars (both of which I've already read), The Sixth Form, and The White Queen. =)

Leah @ chicklitreviews said...

Fab books! I'm expecting Star Struck, too!!


Lizzy said...

Great books this week! The covers of those books are all really cute, which makes me want to read them even more. Hope you enjoy them

Library Lounge Lizard said...

Great books...enjoy!

Windowpane Memoirs said...

Hope yoy like your books. Happy Reading!


Jaime said...

Looks like a lot of fun books!



Sunkissed said...

how not to shop looks so cute!!Plus love the cover of star struck!


*Samantha* said...

I love the cover for Into Temptation.
Nice books.
Happy Reading

Jessica said...


Just wanted to let you know that I've been loving your blog...just found all these wonderful book blogs and yours was one of them..I'm new to the book blogging community.

Gemma Townley is great...I just discovered her this summer and loved Little White Lies

Marie said...

Looks like fun reads!

Kate said...

Looks like you got some fun reads! BTW I <3 your layout so much.

prophecygirl said...

How Not to Shop is really funny. I love Carmen Reid!

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