21 December 2009

Desperately seeking MAKING OUT books (Katherine Applegate)!

The other day I remembered these really great books that I was reading over ten years ago. The ones I read were translated from English into my mother tongue and when I googled the author and some of the names from the books, I found out that this was actually a huge series and that I haven't even read half of them! And I desperately want to have the whole collection now.

So I was wondering if anyone has heard of or read the MAKING OUT series by Katherine Applegate??? It was published in the late 90s and here's a quick summary from Wiki:
Making Out is a series of young adult novels by author K. A. Applegate. The books were based on the lives of teenagers living on an island called Chatam Island off the coast of Maine. The main characters were Zoey Passmore and her brother Benjamin, Claire Geiger and her sister Nina, Jake McRoyan, Lucas Cabral and Aisha Gray.
The books dealt with many troublesome topics such as the death of a parent, divorce, disability, drugs and alcohol.
The books followed the group of teenagers all the way through senior year to college life.

The series consists of 28 books:

  1. Zoey Fools Around
  2. Jake Finds Out
  3. Nina Won't Tell
  4. Ben's In Love
  5. Claire Gets Caught
  6. What Zoey Saw
  7. Lucas Gets Hurt
  8. Aisha Goes Wild
  9. Zoey Plays Games
  10. Nina Shapes Up
  11. Ben Takes a Chance
  12. Claire Can't Lose
  13. Don't Tell Zoey
  14. Aaron Lets Go
  15. Who Loves Kate?
  16. Lara Gets Even
  17. Two-Timing Aisha
  18. Zoey Speaks Out
  19. Kate Finds Love
  20. Never Trust Lara
  21. Trouble with Aaron
  22. Always Loving Zoey
  23. Lara Gets Lucky
  24. Now Zoey's Alone
  25. Don't Forget Lara
  26. Zoey's Broken Heart
  27. Falling for Claire
  28. Zoey Comes Home
I think that only like 11 books were published in my country and then they just disappeared and up to today I still don't know if Ben's operation was successful! It's been bugging me for years and I really want to read the whole series. I might not love it as much as my 12/13-year-old self did, but I vividly remember how fantastic these books were!

But mostly what I want to know is this - has anyone else read this series and loved it? :)


Queen N said...

Oh my God!! It's all coming back to me now. They live on some kind of island, right? I must have read a few of them, translated into German, borrowed from the library. Now I'm feeling nostalgic!! I looked it up, here in Sweden they're kind of hard to get ( I usually order from bokus.se but they take about 25 days to get here and are kind of expensive), so I'm sorry I can't help you:( is the shipping as expensive from amazon.co.uk or .de ?

Luisa Plaja said...

I've read this series and LOVED it! It's fantastic. I own all the books but I'd have to lend them, not sell them. I'll wait and see if you have any other offers!
(Are they available at The Book Depository? They deliver free worldwide.)

Luisa Plaja said...

I've just remembered that I posted about this series on Chicklish once, back in 2007! It really is one of my all-time favourite YA series. I'm so glad you mentioned it!

Bookalicious said...

Yaaay, finally someone who knows what I'm talking about!!!

Queen N - Yes, they live on an island and they take a ferry to school. Nina's this really tough cool chick and she's dating Ben, the blind guy, and her beautiful sister Claire is obsessed with weather ... And Zoey is torn between some guys? So glad someone remembers these books! You can only buy used ones at Amazon.com, but I'd like to have them shipped to a US address so the shipping would be less expensive. Fingers crossed someone will help me out!
By the way, have you tried Book Depository for ordering English books? They offer free delivery worldwide, which is fantastic for those of us who live outside the US or the UK! :D

Luisa - OMG, you are like the coolest person ever for owning the whole collection!!! I'm so envious and I understand why you don't want to sell it, but if you ever change your mind, then please let me know. :)
Sadly they're not available at BD because they're so old. I could only get used ones on Amazon or Ebay, but the shipping would be insane so I'm hoping someone will collect them and then send them to me. Otherwise I don't know what I'll do, I need these books so badly!!!
And you just gained even more golden stars and cookie points with that 2007 post! I'm so happy I'm not the only one who loved this series! :D

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Ive never heard of these.

Ivana said...

Oh my God, I think I read some of these like..hundred years ago! I'm from Croatia, and I didn't speak any English at that time, so I read them in Croatian. Thanks for this reminder! Like a madeleine cookie :)

Bookalicious said...

Oh, howdy, neighbour - I'm from Slovenia and I read them in Slovenian too aaaages ago, but now I want to read the whole collection in English! It's funny how no one from the US seems to remember this and all us foreigners do! I keep thinking about these books now and I really want them! :)

Luisa Plaja said...

Hi Bookalicious, it's so great to talk about this series again! Did you know that the series had a completely different titles in the States? It was called "Boyfriends and Girlfriends". Maybe that will remind US people?
The Making Waves series (6 books) by the same author was re-released in the States recently in two volumes, called Tan Lines.
(I am a walking Katherine Applegate encyclopedia.) ;)
And did you know that she's married to Michael Grant, the author of Gone and Hunger? :)

Bookalicious said...

Luisa - Oooh, so maybe that's why no one seems to know about this ... I've heard about Tan Lines and seen it around, I'll have to look it up more! Oh, I wish the Making Out series was reprinted, but with the original covers! I hate those pink and whatnot UK covers and the original ones are just classics, so 90s!
Woohoo, you do seem like quite the fan of Ms Applegate, which just gives you more cookie points and golden stars! It's just so lovely to find people with similar interests who know what I'm talking about! Thanks for making my week! ;)

P said...

I loved these too - I used to get them out the library as a teen so never managed to read all of them or read them REMOTELY In sequence, but they were great!

mel said...

Whilst sorting through some old junk after christmas,I came across some dusty old book at the bottom of a box.[Zoey fools around] I started to read it brought back so many childhood memorys.Now i too am tying to get hold of the whole series of books,I never even realised there was so many.I can't believe after so many years we are looking for the same old books!!

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Mel - wow, that's amazing, what a coincidence! Guess what, I actually managed to get the whole collection, which arrived yesterday and I'll be showing it off in my next week's IMM! :))) If you want more info on how I got it, just feel free to email me. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello, I was having a flashback this evening of a series of books I read way back, Making Waves or the Ocean City books. I only was able to buy the 1st 5 in the series and always wondered what happened to the characters I love so much. Thats when I stumbled across your page! :-) As it turns out, I have the entire series. I would love to trade with someone or anyone that has the last 6 books of the Making Waves series for my entire collection of the Making Out series!! I agree that I may not love them as much as I did back when I was 14, but then I again, I might surprise myself! They were soooo good! I remember reading them over and over again! Can anyone out there help me??? Pretty Please???:-)

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Margot - why not use Amazon Marketplace and buy used copies? Here's an example - click - but you can use Amazon.com too if that's easier for you. That's how I got the whole collection in the end, I just bought used copies on Amazon. :) Good lucl!

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember all the books in fact i have the whole series I was getting ready to put in my yard sale for 10.00

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember them all I actually have the whole set that I was going to put in my yard sale for 10.00

Anonymous said...

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