30 August 2010

Fantastic book trailers: BEING JAMIE BAKER and HOLD STILL!

While I was on my little hiatus thingy, I came across two book trailers that I fell in love with:
Click on the covers for more info about the books.

Watching these trailers really made me want to buy the books - as a matter of fact, I've already ordered the first one and I'm waiting for the second one to come out in paperback. But yes, if it weren't for these book trailers, I probably wouldn't buy the books so kudos to whoever did them - I appreciate the effort and applaud you!

The trailers couldn't be more different - while one will bring a smile to your face, the other will break your heart. I love them both though.


a cat named cat said...

Ooh both books look really really good! I love the look of Being Jamie Baker :) Did I mention how much I've missed your blog posts? lol Thank you for your comments on my blog as well :) :) x

Tracey J said...

I've heard great things about Hold Still but this is the first time I'm hearing about Being Jamie Baker, but from that trailer it looks epic. Amazing. :)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Hold Still seems so sad. Great trailer though.

Yolanda said...

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