25 May 2011

The new Paige Toon cover - WHY?

OK, so today was the big Paige Toon cover reveal on Twitter, carried out by the lovely Simon & Schuster UK. Before I say anything, please note that this was probably my most anticipated cover of the year. I wasn't blown away by the two Paige Toon books that I've read, but I bought them all because they were OMG SO PRETTY!!! In case you haven't seen them yet, here they are in all their glory:
Cover perfection to the T!
These covers could seriously not be any prettier!
I'd frame them and stare at them the whole day, they're just SO BEAUTIFUL!
I mean, LOOK AT THEM! Wow!

Soooo of course I was really looking forward to seeing the cover for her upcoming book Baby Be Mine. I wasn't planning on reading it, but I was 100 % ready to buy it straight up, provided the cover was pretty. (Yes, I'm shallow, so what? :p)
I was fully expecting my mind to be blown, but as it turns out, the publishers have opted for a total re-design. I have absolutely no idea why since the original covers were PERFECT and you honestly cannot top that.
So here's the new design:
I know, right - what the what?! *blinks* Huh?

Please understand I mean no disrespect to anyone and I'm sure the designer did their best, but I'm afraid it has nothing on the original covers, which were GORGEOUS (no, I cannot get over them :p). I guess I wouldn't be so disappointed if this wasn't a Paige Toon book. I still wouldn't buy it, sorry to say, but I would just dismiss it rather than blog about it.

My personal problems with this cover:
  • that head looks all sorts of wrong (straaaange features + what's WRONG with the shape & colour of hair?!) and makes the woman look very unappealing
  • too much blue - serious overkill
  • cheapass fonts!!!!!!! previous covers were all nicely handwritten and wonderful, but this looks SO CHEAP and all these basic fonts honestly enrage me (surely this is not the final version?)
  • overall, it just does nothing for me and looks boring and unappealing - I would never pick it up in a shop
  • there's just something off about it
Again, I mean no disrespect or offence to anyone, but I'm just a bit confused as to WHY this change occured in the first place, that's all. I'm not massively upset because it's not really a book I was planning to read anyway, but I'm just a bit sad there won't be another pretty Paige Toon book sitting on my shelf ...

Darlings, please do tell, what do YOU make of the new look?
What do you like or dislike about it?
Discuss. :)


Anonymous said...

Seeing the old covers there rather makes the new one look a tad bit worse. I stand by the fact the new cover is nice. It is. But for Paige it's underwhelming because of the previous four novels. I don't know why they've changed the covers. S&S seem to LOVE matching covers so I totally don't know why Paige suddenly has a new design. It sucks. I wanted Baby Be Mine to match Johnny Be Good.

This cover could have worked. They need to move Paige's name down, make it smaller and put it as the same font as her others. Then change the title font & add some sparkles. And change Meg's hair. The white hair is bugging me.

The more I see it, the sadder I get. Because it's starting to look distinctly ordinary each time I look at it. Whereas with Lucy, Daisy, Lily and Johnny, I could look at them all day, the stand out, they're beautiful. Very much a step backward. There I have been honest. It's nice, but it's nowhere near as good as the previous four. I wish they would re-design it.

ComaCalm said...

I agree! I saw it on Twitter this morning and was expecting something amazing but found it quite bland.

ComaCalm's Corner

Sabrina said...

I agree. I'm not a big fan of the books by Paige Toon but love their covers. The new one doesn't look as special and wonderful as the others.

Jade said...

Never heard of this series before reading this post. But I see what you mean. I always say if it ain't broke don't fix it. Definite downgrade.

Andrea said...

I like the silhouettes on the original coves and I feel like that is what is missing from the new cover.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Ooooooooooooooooo I'm with you. Not good!

BooksforCompany said...

l agree it's not as nice as the other covers but l do still like it!
I love the blue and pink together and also the colour of her dress. I agree about her head and there is a bit too much blue.
Shame your disappointed about it, especially when you were so excited to see it.

Lena said...

I don't care for the cover either for the same reasons you listed. The head is off and the too much blue. It looks generic.

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