17 September 2009

New release: THE POPULARITY RULES by Abby McDonald

Some of you may remember that back in June I got all excited about a book called Life Swap by Abby McDonald? Well, as it turns out, Abby has another book coming out soon, chicklit this time titled The Popularity Rules. (By the way, how stunning is the cover?!)
Kat Elliot is no social butterfly: she’s spent her life rebelling against phony schmoozing – and it’s led her precisely nowhere. She’s about ready to admit defeat when she receives an unexpected offer from Lauren Anderville. One-time allies against their boarding school bullies, Lauren and Kat had been inseparable. That is until one year Lauren returned from summer camp a different girl, blonde, bubbly and suddenly popular, and Kat was left to face the world alone.
But Lauren finally wants to make amends. She has a secret to share that explains her betrayal all those years ago. That fateful summer, Lauren discovered The Popularity Rules: a decades-old secret rulebook that can transform anyone into the girl everyone wants to be.
Tempted by glitzy parties, hot contacts, and the job she’s always dreamed of, Kat reluctantly submits to a total make over – only to find that life in the in-crowd might have something going for it after all. But while Lauren has sacrificed everything to get ahead, maybe Kat isn’t quite ready to accept that popularity is the only prize that counts…

Yeah, you're right, this is hardly news since it's been announced ages ago, but the other day, Abby posted a video on her Twitter, featuring random women's thoughts on popularity (see below).

I love the video, the girls in it are adorable and they also come up with some good answers, which sort of got me thinking ... I understand the concept of popularity and all, but really what causes it? I can think of some supposedly popular people, but would have a hard time explaining what makes them popular or admired. It's not always looks or material things, there has to be more, this crucial secret ingredient, hehe. Anyway, you can join the discussion on popularity at the official book website or provide your thoughts in the comments. :) Either way, I'm really looking forward to reading how Abby will tackle the subject. If you want to know more, then be sure to check out Chloe's review - glad to hear she really liked the book! . My review will be up as soon as I get a chance to read the book. :)

ps: While we're on the subject, I'd also like to take this opportunity to post an AWESOME music video Popular by Nada Surf. I looooove the song (recommended by a cool person ages ago) and since it takes the piss out of popularity I thought it was quite fitting, hehe. The song features The Teenage Guide to Popularity and Abby's book contains secrets from a book called The Popularity Rules - I wonder if there will be any similarities? :) Anyway, just watch this fantastic video! :)


Amber said...

I love that song!! Awww... brings back some memories! :) I'm definitely going to check out those books :)

Chloe @ chicklitreviews said...

Thank you for the link to my review, hope you enjoy the book, it was very good!

bookalicious said...

Amber - Haha, I love the song it and just can't get enough of it, I must've listened to it about a thousand times in the past few years! Luckily the video's pretty smashing too! :)

Chloe - I sure hope so too, can't wait to read it! :)

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