10 September 2009

A Q&A session with Sophie Kinsella on Facebook!

A while ago I posted an announcement about a sort of a chat session (hosted by Barnes & Noble) with Sophie Kinsella on Facebook, which happened yesterday and lasted for hours! WERE YOU THERE? I sure was and so was Rebekka and Sophie actually answered her questions, woohoo!!! :) I posted a question similar to Rebekka's (because I thought she wouldn't be there) and some about the new book etc., but alas she ignored me - can't blame her as there were like shazillion people posting questions every second!!!

The Q&A session took place here and in the end there were nearly a thousand posts! Basically people posted questions and Sophie tried her best to answer them, but as I sad, it was a pretty maddening situation, I couldn't even refresh fast enough to keep up with everything, hehe.

For those of you who missed or are not on Facebook (shame on you all), I've copies all of Sophie's replies and posted them here, on my sub blog that I usually use just for plot summaries. So if you don't want to go through all those posts, then just click here to read her replies only.

I'm afraid her answers weren't as informative as I would've hoped, but that could be just me expecting too much, hehehe. She did confirm that she's working on another Shopaholic book, which is supposed to come out sometime next autumn, which means we'll have to wait for at least a year, boo. :( She remained tight-lipped about the title and the plot, but she promised to reveal more as the months go by.
She did have an interesting request though: "I'm sure some of you have great ideas for what Becky could do but can I ask you very nicely not to post them?! I am right in the middle of working on the next plot and I think it might do my head in!!! Hope you understand and I appreciate your interest in Becky! :)" Can't blame people for getting overexcited though, I'm in the same boat myself, lol!

♥ Other than that she said that Can You Keep a Secret? is in development with a production company and also said that she's not planning any sequels to her standalone novels.
♥ Her favourite authors include "Jane Austen, PG Wodehouse, my sister Gemma Townley (of course!) Ian McEwan, Lewis Caroll... too many!"
♥ Someone suggested she should launch a clothing & accessories line (hello, the dragonfly necklace) and I think that's a really good idea actually, I'd probably buy everything, hehe.
♥ Someone asked how she chose her nom de plume and her answer was: "Sophie is my middle name, Kinsella is my mother's maiden name." Interesting, I don't think I've heard that before?!
♥ Her views on comeday: "Comedy is so hard to define. I find cringeworthy, embarrassment moments very funny, and I like ridiculous, childlike comedy. I write and rewrite my scenes till they make me laugh."
♥ On chick lit: "I can understand the chick lit term as a shorthand term. If people say 'Oh you write chick lit', I reply 'Yes, I write intelligent modern humorous fiction featuring a femail heroine dealing with contemporary issues... why, thank you very much!'"
♥ Her latest favourite purchase: "I think my favourite thing most recently was my beautiful fairy Prada bag. I saw it in the Prada shop in Miami when we were filming there. It was so perfect I had to have it, but there was a waiting list! Just like the Angel bag!! Luckily the lovely people at Prada called me up when there was a cancellation and so I could buy it. I still love it and use it all the time." It really is a gorgeous bag, isn't it?
♥ On her favourite Becky moment: "I can't choose. Too many. The zebra jeans, the Finnish, the running machine in New York, helping Suze in labour, running over the hot coals, sonographing her bladder..." Do YOU have one???
♥ Sophie confessed that she's very bad at cooking and that The Undomestic Goddess was a tad autobiographical, hahaha.
♥ She said the dragonfly necklace was all made up, but her friend designed some while she was writing Twenties Girl, you can check them out here.
♥ The UK paperback of TG comes out in January and she has some publicity events scheduled for that time, details will be posted on her website and on FB.

Those were just a few highlights for me, but if you want to read the Queen's words by yourself, then you may do so either here or here. Reading her answers just made me want to re-read her books, hehe!


Alicia said...

Oh man! I missed it! Thanks for typing this up :)

Anonymous said...

Gutted she didn't mention a thing about the next Shopaholic. Surely she could have given up SOMETHING???!?!

Can't wait until it's released.

I also LOVE the idea of a Can You Keep A Secret? movie, that'd be hilarious. Just thinking of it makes me want to read the book again!

bookalicious said...

Alicia - you didn't really miss much, there were no shocking revelations, just nice little chat and you can always catch up on that. :)

Leah/Chloe - yeah, I was quite cheesed off that she didn't drop even a tiny little hint about the next book!! :( I know it's still in the early stages, but still. I admit I was fully expecting the title and the summary to be revealed in that chat along with the news that the book is coming out in like two months or something - but that's just my crazy delusional wishful thinking, bah. :(
I cannot wait for the new book either, I'm beyond excited!!!
Personally I'd love Remember Me or The Undomestic Goddess films more, but I'd loooove to see CYKAS too!
And now I honestly have this crazy urge to just go re-read her books, I miss them. :( And we'll have to wait for at least a year until the new one. :((((

Anonymous said...

Just a snippet of Bex would have been nice. JUST A LINE FROM THE BOOK WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE.

Sophie Kinsella is sooo mean! Now it's an anxious wait to see when it'll be out and what exactly it'll be about.

All of Sophie's books would make good films. I'd love to see the whole confession of secrets at the beginning of CYKAS in a film, it would work so well. I wonder who would be in it...

PS It's Leah!

Diana Paz said...

Hi, I saw your site from Romantic Harbor where we got the Lemonade Award and I thought I'd check out your site... it's so beautiful! You're doing a great job here :)

Jessica Lawlor said...

Thanks so much for aggregating her responses. I was in class and was planning on checking it out today, but that was so helpful. Sophie Kinsella seems so cool!

A Little Pink... said...

Sophie Kinsella and Gemma Townley are sisters?! Really??

bookalicious said...

Leah - I knooow, or she could at least let us know if there's a time jump or if the story takes place right after the last book ends, surely she's figured that out. Or if the family will be affected by the recession. Or y'know, anything! But oh well, we have to respect her greatness and wait till she's ready to unveil stuff. :)

Diana Paz - aww, thanks so much for stopping by!! Your blog's lovely too! :)

Jessica - glad to be of service! :)

A Little Pink - yep, they're really sisters; here's proof that her maiden name is Townley. I see that you're reading a Gemma Townley book at the moment, is she any good?? I've bought Little White Lies, but haven't read it yet.

Rebekka said...

Gosh, I was a wee bit shocked when she answered my questrion. I thought she was so cute, always had that funny, lovely tone to her answers and sounded just like Becky or one of her other girls hehe. I asked me question earlier, then went out and when I came back there were my answers ♥.

You asked about that Cornelia Funke quote on our website :) Basically it means (don't know the correct English translation): Some books have to be tasted, others devoured but there are only a few you chew and digest totally.
It's so true and that's why we chose it.

~Mary said...

Oh my gosh I love her!!!! I wish I had known!!! Thanks for putting this up! She is on of my favorite authors!

The Sweet Bookshelf

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