24 September 2009

The new UK Sarah Dessen cover!

Sarah Dessen's last book Along for the Ride (read my review here) comes out in the UK in February 2010 and the cover has already been revealed - it's absolutely gorgeous (on the left)!

The UK cover vs. the US cover - which one gets your vote? :)

I must admit I've been sort of unsure about the previous UK Dessen covers - not saying they're bad, I think they're quite clever and lovely, but somehow the US covers seem to fit the books better methinks. However, I'd have quite a hard time deciding in this case as both covers are absolutely gorgeous, buuuut I think (not completely sure) that I'd still have to go with the US cover (fell in love with it months ago). What I like about the UK covers though is that the drawings on the cover consist of little things and words that are meaningful to the story - click the left picture above to enlarge and see for yourself!


Jody Sparks said...

I love the UK cover! My eye always prefers illustrated covers for some reason, but this one is more wonderful than most.

Chloe @ chicklitreviews said...

Definitely the UK one for me!

Kate said...

I really like the UK cover. It is very colorful and vivid. Really catches your eye.

Leah said...

The UK one looks like something from the 60s and I like it. The UK cover also looks more teenage-y. Although I do like the US cover too!!


Alicia said...

I actually like this UK cover! I am usually not a fan of the Dessen UK covers, but this one is quite pretty!

Catriona said...

I much prefer the US covers of all Sarah Dessen's books! I've got a few of them & I don't know why but i think they look more "serious" when its the US covers, the UK ones are too basic!

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