17 October 2009

The Frankfurt Book Fair

This was my second time at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which was also evident in the fact that I was somewhat less excited about it than I was last year, when I took a picture of pretty much everything I saw, lol. This year I was fully planning to take a lot of pictures as well, but on the first day my batteries ran out and I kept thinking, "Ooh, must take a pic of that tomorrow!" So then I bought new batteries, but the next day I was just too busy and tired and laden with catalogues to deal with the camera. I did have to take some pictures for work though, but at the same time I couldn't resist taking a few for personal use too, hehe.

So below are some more or less exciting pictures I took that might be interesting to others too:
- the cover for HOUSE RULES by Jodi Picoult (can't wait to read it)
- the cover for THE GUARDIAN OF THE GATE by Michelle Zink (Prophecy of Sisters, Book 2)
- the cover for CELEBRITY SHOPPER by Carmen Reid (won't read, but the cover is fantastic)
- the cover for REVENGE by Sharon Osbourne
- Twilight fans would probably love the Little, Brown stand, hehe
- Lucy in the Sky cafe
- I WAS JANE AUSTEN'S BEST FRIEND by Cora Harrison looks super cute (summary here)

The captions can be seen below, but for bigger pics just click the links above. As always, excuse the bad quality, I'm the worst "photographer" ever, lol.

I really wanted to take more pictures as the whole thing really is quite exciting, but sadly it just went by too quickly and now I'm left only with a few pictures, a ton of catalogues and a lot of work to do, hehe.

Has anyone else visited the FBF this year or sometime before?
Have you visited any other fairs?
Which one's your favourite?


Lenore said...

I hadn't seen the Michelle Zink cover yet! I have forgotten my camera every day (bringing it today...yes!).

Glad you had fun and if you come next year, we should meet up!

bookalicious said...

The Michel Zink cover is in Hall 8 at the LB stand, left to the massive Twilight banner thingy. It's sort of hidden and I don't think it's been published online yet.
Looking forward to seeing your pictures too if you decide to post them!
A meet up would be great - I would have suggested it this year if I had known before since I was there on day one too. Maybe next year then! :)

Leah said...

Can I steal some of those covers for use on the site? I so wish I could have gone to that book fair, it sounds fab.

Those covers look fab, I can't wait for Revenge by Sharon O I have to say!

bookalicious said...

Of course, feel free to use whatever you like. :) I've sent you the rest of the stuff you might find interesting in an email, hope it'll be of some use. :)
And yeah, the fair's very exciting and exhausting - but it's all worth it. :)

Rebekka said...

You don't believe how jealous I am of you. It's my dream to attend the Book Fair somewhen. I AM from Germany but I've never been there. What a shame. Those pics of the Twilight-related stand and the Lucy in the sky cafe.... so cute.
Anyway, just saw your comment on our site. I haven't watched the movie yet, didn't come around too but my professor recommended it to us and I will watch it as soon as I have time :)
Thanks so much for making the ending clear to me. I THOUGHT it happened like that but I wasn't really sure and that annoyed me lol. You're right, it's so sad that they died and never had a chance to be happy because of Briony's lies :( I'm sure I'll cry too when I watch the movie.
I know, 2 stars is a bit mean and believe me, I felt so bad for only giving it 2. But the reason that it just took me sooo long to read that book and always after about 10 pages I basically didn't want to read anymore because it was sooooooo long and slow paced written... that's just not for me. I liked the whole idea and there were absolutely beautiful sentences in it but there still were a few bits that annoyed me. Apart from Robbie (adored him) and Cecilia I just didn't like any of the characters and that's never good with me :( And I guessed right from the beginning that it was Marshall who committed the crime but I had to wait so long to really find out...
I think this book is a two-results-book: Either you love it or you don't :)
Take care, girl :)

Michelle Zink said...

Eeeeeep! Do you know which publisher this was for Guardian of the Gate (i.e. UK or US?)... Because I can tell you a secret (okay, it's not REALLY a secret); that WAS going to be the cover for Guardian of the Gate but now it's not.

At least not in the US.


Thanks so much for posting the pic, though! I did love that cover!

bookalicious said...

Wow, a comment from the author herself! :) I saw this cover at the UK Little, Brown stand at the Fair. Oh so it's not official yet? Thanks for letting me know and I look forward to seeing the official cover once it's ready - it's bound to be gorgeous!

Rebekka - I don't mind at all that you gave it two stars, I was just a little surprised since I thought it was a masterpiece. The ending is very matter-of-fact and I too had to do a double take and re-read the last few pages and then I was blown away, lol. Without the ending, the book really isn't all that good plot wise. Do let me know what you think of the film once you see it! :)
ps: How come you've never been to the fair? I'd totally suggest going during the weekend (aka tomorrow) - everyone can enter and apparently they're giving away books! ;)

Lenore said...

Michelle - you are SUCH a tease!!

Rebekka said...

Frankfurt is not actually around the corner. It'll take a couple of hours ride by train at least. But I'll definitely go there one day :) My friend just moved to Frankfurt. I should be able to visit her somewhen. Aka next year with the next fair haha :)

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