7 October 2009


[comes out in December 2009]
"Lucy Ellis moved to the Big Apple to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer, but the native Midwesterner has just about had it with the city. A mousy, self-conscious girl trapped in a job at a designer sweatshop, Lucy has been mistreated, road-blocked, and otherwise insulted since her arrival. Overwhelmed by city life, Lucy is about to pack it all in and return home to Minnesota. Then she meets Wyatt.
After being publicly dissed by the glamour girl he'd been dating, man-about-town (and bored Ph.D. anthropologist) Wyatt Hayes wants to prove he's still at the top of his game and boasts to his best friend that he can transform any girl - even wallflower Lucy Ellis - into this year's "It" girl. If he can fool the upper crust of New York society into thinking an imposter like Lucy is the real thing, he can rip the chiffon veil off the whole Park Avenue social scene.
Lucy's an unlikely candidate to become a red-carpet butterfly, but she considers it her last resort and jumps at the opportunity to "become somebody" in New York. Wyatt begins to rigorously train Lucy in the style, sounds, and sensibilities of socialites born with entire sets of silver spoons in their mouths. Three months of preparation culminate in Lucy's appearance at the ultra-exclusive Fashion Forum Gala, where Lucy and Wyatt finally confront New York's aristocracy - and their feelings for each other.
Set against the glittering backdrop of contemporary Manhattan, The Overnight Socialite puts a 21st-century sheen on a timeless story of transformation and unlikely love."

I've read the author's debut BECAUSE SHE CAN a while ago and absolutely loved it - it was hilarious and just oh so good! I can't wait this one either, it sounds great! The hardback's a bit pricey though so I'm planning to wait till the paperback, but I don't think I'll be able to resist the temptation, hehe. Stay tuned to see what happens. ;)

ps: I recently took part in the Tuesday Ten feature hosted by Avril from Good Books & Wine - click here to check it out. :)
pps: Excuse the lack of updates, but sadly I'm just busy out of my mind these days and barely have time to read or I'm too tired. Things should hopefully improve soon so don't give up on me just yet. ;)


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