27 October 2009

Waiting On Wednesday: WHAT ALICE FORGOT

"Remember the woman you used to be ...
Alice is twenty-nine. She is whimsical, optimistic and adores sleep, chocolate, her ramshackle new house and her wonderful husband Nick. What's more, she's looking forward to the birth of the 'Sultana' - her first baby.
But now Alice has slipped and hit her head in her step-aerobics class and everyone's telling her she's misplaced the last ten years of her life.
In fact, it would seem that Alice is actually thirty-nine and now she loves schedules, expensive lingerie, caffeine and manicures. She has three children and the honeymoon is well and truly over for her and Nick. In fact, he looks at her like she's his worst enemy. What's more, her beloved sister Elisabeth isn't speaking to her either. And who is this 'Gina'everyone is so carefully trying not to mention?
Alice isn't sure that she likes life ten years on. Every photo is another memory she doesn't have and nothing makes sense. Just how much can happen in a decade? Has she really lost her lovely husband for ever?"

Now here's a book that I've been looking forward to reading for ages! It was supposed to come out this past summer, then it was moved to January 2010 (*sigh*) and then again to June 2010 (*exasperated sigh*). To say that I was heartbroken about that would be a huge understatement since I'm really, really looking forward to this book - it sounds absolutely fantastic (smells a bit like Remember Me? by our beloved Sophie Kinsella) and I love the cover. I honestly can't wait to *finally* get my hands on this book someday, I'll probably devour it in a day, hehe!


Lenore said...

It's awful when they keep pushing books back. But this one looks to be worth it :)

Leah said...

I can't wait for this. Amazon still have it up for Jan release! Hate it when books get pushed back particularly since this is already out in Aus (I'm sure chicklitclub reviewed it) so its not as if it's not ready for pub!

Nina said...

Sounds great. Too bad we have too waite!

bookwordlover said...

I've just given you an award at http://bookloverbookreviews.blogspot.com/2009/10/one-lovely-blog-award.html

Booklover Book Reviews

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