21 October 2009

Waiting On Wednesday: SPOTLIGHT

SPOTLIGHT by Ilana Fox
"A fallen star. A runaway bride. They're about to be pitted against each other by a very powerful man. Madison Miller has everything - beautiful, talented and just a little bit naive; she's the small-town girl who swept to victory on America's hottest talent show to become the nation's sweetheart. She's also head-over-heels in love with the man who's masterminded her career - the head-spinningly powerful, lethally attractive Beau Silverman. But there's trouble in paradise... Jess has bolted from her approaching wedding and a dead-end job in London to chase dreams of being a fashion designer in New York. But she's finding life in the Big Apple tough, until she meets a man who makes her an offer she can't refuse. It means a taste of a life she's never had - glamorous parties, paparazzi, haute couture - but at what price? Sweeping from the hotspots of LA to the coolest bars of New York, SPOTLIGHT cuts a gloriously fun swathe through the world of celebrity and glamour, with a page-turning story at its heart."

Wowzers, talk about a gorgeous and an eye-catching cover! However, that's not the only reason why I'm looking forward to the book. I've actually read Ms Fox's first novel called The Making of Mia as soon as it was out in hardback and I really quite enjoyed it, so I have rather high hopes for this one too! It comes out in April 2010 and I really can't wait to get my hands on it!


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