26 January 2010

Waiting On Wednesday + A Random Book Trailer! Ha!

So I thought I'd spice things up and post 2 in 1 - my latest Waiting On Wednesday (hosted by Should Be Reading) pick and a book trailer that I've been meaning to post for ages! They're completely unrelated and very different but I've decided to be wild tonight and combine two things that hardly match, ha! :)

Anyway, my current WoW pick is titled The Daughters of Fortune and it's out in MARCH 2010. I was recently notified about this book and I really hope I'll be able to review it soon. It sounds fantastic and just *look* at the cover - isn't this one of the most gorgeous covers ever? I love it! Here's what it's about:
William Melville's daughters are heiresses to the world's most exclusive fashion dynasty. Beautiful and rich, they are envied by all. But behind the glittering facade of their lives, each girl hides a dark secret that threatens to tear their family apart. Smart, ambitious Elizabeth knows how to manipulate every man she meets, except the one who counts: her father. Gentle, naive Caitlin, the illegitimate child, struggling to fit into a world of privilege while staying true to herself. Stunning, spoilt Amber, the party girl with a weakness for bad boys; more fragile than anyone realises. As each of them seeks to carve out her own destiny, Elizabeth, Caitlin and Amber face difficult choices, which will take them in wildly different directions. But as old wounds resurface and threaten to destroy the foundations of the Melville empire, their paths will cross again. Because the simple truth is that, no matter how far you go, you cannot escape the claims of family.

And now it's time for The Catchiest Book Trailer Ever! The first time I saw this trailer for PERFECT CHEMISTRY by Simone Elkeles was on Meg Cabot's blog quite a while ago, and she warned everyone to click at their own risk as the song would be stuck in the head forever, lol. And yes, it's true, you'll just find yourself singing the song, it's so catchy.
One thing though, the trailer does make the book seem like a very fluffy read, whereas that's not the impression of the book I got from other people - so perhaps that's not really the best thing? I like the cover and I get a completely different feel from it, far more serious than the trailer, which is still pretty cute and one of my favourite book trailers! It doesn't really make me want to read the book as it doesn't seem like my kind of thing, but I've seen like a million glowing reviews everywhere so you might want to give it a try. :)
I'll shut up now and let you enjoy the trailer, but don't blame me if the song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day. :p



I Love Perfect Chemistry!!! It is a great trailer :)

Luisa at Chicklish said...

I love that Perfect Chemistry trailer and I'm so looking forward to the book's UK release!

J. said...

That trailer is hilarious :D. / I love the cover of "Daughters of Furtune" too.

Chloe @ chicklitreviews said...

I've got an ARC of Daughters of Fortune, can't wait to read it! It's an enormous book lol so might take a while!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Oooo I love the cover of the first one. I want her chaise/settee.

Emma Michaels said...

You have gotten an award for being cup-cake sweet from my blog: http://emmamichaels.blogspot.com/2010/01/cupecake-award-amazing-night.html

Emidy said...

I agree, that cover is so gorgeous! I love those shades of blue. It seems like an interesting read!

Une Parole

J. said...

There is the Bliss (Happy 101) award for you on my blog :-)

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