27 November 2009

Behind the scenes of the Splendor cover shoot!

I'm sure we all agree that the covers for The Luxe series are absolutely gorgeous, right? If you're not familiar with the books yet, then you can see the covers in my review of the first book - those are actually the UK covers, which have the exact same images as the US ones, but the British designers have added those cute swirly thingies, which I think make the covers even more beautiful!

Anyway, ever wondered how these wonderful covers get made? I've recently come across a video posted on MarjoleinBookBlog that takes us all behind the scenes of the cover shoot for Splendor, the last book in the series, which just came out in the US, but those of us waiting for the UK release will have to wait till January 2010, boo!

This cover is possibly my favourite one of the series and I found it really interesting to see how they shot it. In the video, you'll see that they actually shot an alternative cover picture as well and I think that I actually prefer the gold one with the loose hair that wasn't used in the end (click here for a quick screencap), but I can't complain about the winning shot either, it's beautiful, not only due to the lovely dress, but also thanks to the stunning model posing as Lina (I think) - honestly, this girl is just too pretty!

See for yourself! Which one do you prefer? :)

ps: Oh and if you haven't read the books yet, then by all means do yourself a favour and read them asap - they're just SO good! Delicious escapism!


Sasha said...

That's really cool x

The Book Bug said...

Hmmmm, cant decide, there both sooo pretty!

Kirthi said...

Wow, I've never watched a "behind the scenes" video for the making of a BOOK cover!
I'd go with "All that Glitters is Gold", the "Lovely in Lavender" one just didn't strike me as a good cover. The model is very pretty though

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