25 November 2009

Waiting On Wednesday: THE ONE THAT I WANT

"What if you could see into the future? What if you didn't like what was revealed? Would you still choose to see it?
Tilly Everett has a wonderful life - a guidance counselor in her old high school, a solid marriage to her teenage sweetheart, a quiet, compact existence which suits her just fine. Her father has wound his way out of his alcoholic blackness, her youngest sister has shed most of the wounds from their mother's death, and Tilly watches over them, over everyone to ensure that there are no sudden movements, no tidal waves to upset their balance.
But a chance meeting with a childhood friend changes that. Changes everything.
I'm giving you the gift of clarity, Ashley Simmons tells her in an incense-filled tent behind Westlake's Fourth of July carnival, and suddenly, Tilly - like it or not - starts seeing things, things that don't logically add up, that fly in the face of the foundation that she's worked so hard to build. And like an unspooling spindle, these unwelcome visions alter everything Tilly has come to believe about herself, her marriage, her life.
What if you could see into the future? Would you want to know what fate has in store? Would you furiously try to change it, despite the fact that the future might be cast in stone?
These are the questions that Tilly faces, the destiny she races against, as she tries to determine which life she wants: the one she'd nursed for decades or the one she never considered to be possible."

I've actually just finished Time of My Life (by this author), which was a good read (review coming soon) and I think her next one sounds interesting too! I'm generally not a fan of paranormal elements in a book, but I do like time travelling bits (occassionally). This novel comes out in June 2010.

ps: WoW is hosted by Breaking the Spine.


Lenore said...

I also really enjoyed Time of My Life, so I'll be looking for this one!

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

Gret pick, adding to my wishlist :)

Crazy-for-Books.com said...

This one is on my wish list, too! Looking forward to it! :)

StephTheBookworm said...

This looks good. I loved Time of My Life.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Oh no. Poor Tilly. I feel bad for her already. Poor thing!

Great choice.
Can't wait for your review.

Happy thanksgiving!

Laughing Stars said...

Ooh! This one sounds terrific!

Becky said...

I really like paranormal stories so this would probably fit me like a glove. I'll have to see if you like it when it finally comes out. I've not heard of this so thanks for highlighting it!

Anonymous said...

I'm adding this one to my list as well. I love the concept. :)

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